Root Rot Fungi

Heterobasidion, Armillaria and Others

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 Heterobasidion species in the Southern Rockies.


Peroxidase gene structure and gene trees in Heterobasidion.

Evolution in the genus Heterobasidion. (Link to Abstract)
Genetic relationships among clones of Heterobasidion annosum in a pine forest. (Link to Abstract).
Congruence and incongruence among gene trees of the Heterobasidion annosum complex. (Abstract Only)

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 Incidence, host relations and population structure of Armillaria ostoyae in Colorado campgrouns. (download PDF file).
  The root rot fungus Armillaria mellea introduced into South Africa by early Dutch settlers (download PDF file).
 Geographic diversity of Armillaria mellea s. s. based on phylogenetic analysis. (download pdf)
 Taxonomic study of Korean Armillaria species based on biological characteristics and DNA analyses.



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