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Mycology, Ecology, Canopy Gaps, Wind, Techniques and other Crops

I have a long standing interest in the role diseases and insects play in the dynamics of forest ecosystems. There also has been a number of techniques that we have developed or modified for their use in mycological research. Some references concerning these topics are found below.

My Only Publication on Species Concepts:

Harrington, T. C., and D. M. Rizzo. 1999. Defining species in the fungi. pp. 43-71 In: J. J. Worrall, ed., Structure and Dynamics of Fungal Populations, Kluwer Press. Dordrecht, Netherlands. Simply click on icon to download: pdf image

All of My Publications on Forest Ecology and Wind

 Worrall, J. J., T. D. Lee, and T. C. Harrington. 2005.

Forest dynamics and agents that initiate and expand canopy gaps

in Picea-Abies forests of Crawford Notch, New Hampshire, USA.

J. Ecology 93:178-190. pdf image

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Diseases and pine ecology

can be found here.

They go with the book chapter to the right:

Harrington, T. C., and M. J. Wingfield. 1998.

Diseases and the ecology of indigenous and exotic pines.

pp. 381-404 In: D. Richardson, ed. Ecology and Biogeography of Pinus. Cambridge University Press.Simply click on icon to download: pdf image

To find out more about the book, check with Cambridge University Press.


Aghayeva, D. N. and T.C. Harrington. 2008. First report of Cryphonectria parasitica on chestnut (Castanea sativa) in Azerbaijan. Plant Pathology 57: 383. (pdf of manuscript)

All of My Publications on Technique and other Topics